Samuel Hall has been working with CSOs in Kenya and Somalia to improve knowledge and awareness of digital remittance services among disadvantaged groups – notably refugees in Northern Kenya and those returning home to Kismayo town in Somalia.

This microsite acts as platform for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and others to conduct remittance clinics within their communities, by providing 1) key financial terms and concepts to deepen understanding of digital remittances and other financial services, 2) a survey to understand the financial needs of participants and 3) a comparison tool to help participants select Remittance Service Providers that best fit their needs.

The microsite also acts as a platform to collect and share information on how remittances are used by vulnerable groups as well as the barriers and opportunities that exists for these groups to access digital remittances with their communities.

Watch the short docufilm to find out more about how remittances impact the lives of refugees living in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya and scroll down to explore the rest of this site.

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Remittance Clinic

Guided by CSOs, the online remittance clinic has been designed to help participants make more informed choices about how they send and receive remittance and which additional financial services (such as savings) might be available to them using different remittance service providers (RSPs).

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Key Terms

A number of important terms and financial concepts are introduced which aim to enhance financial literacy and increase awareness of remittances and digital remittances for those wishing to make more informed decisions about how they send or receive money from abroad. These terms are to be used alongside a workshop training manual which can be downloaded here.


Presented in four sections the survey is used to guide the remittance clinic by exploring motivations for sending/receiving remittances, understanding how money is currently transferred, assessing barriers to using digital remittances and determining what additional financial services might be needed that can be accessed through digital remittance channels.

Survey Illustration
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Survey Results

Explore some of the projects key findings from remittance clinics. This (anonymised) data is collected and updated in real time and can be downloaded directly for your own analysis. Be sure to check back regularly as clinics continue to be conducted.

RSP Selection Tool

The Remittance Service Provider (RSP) selection tool takes survey responses from the remittance clinic to provide a tailored list of RSPs that most closely match the needs of the participant. Using the tool, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) can help strengthen the financial inclusion of vulnerable and marginalised communities by helping members determine how best they can access their remittances and other financial services.

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This project has produced a number of publications that are of value to researchers, academics, policy makers and development/humanitarian practitioners. Feel free to explore and download.